04 May

5 Brochure Design Trends Every Business Owners Need To Know

Brochures are important marketing tool for businesses. Although the digital world is already taking over the marketing world, printed marketing collaterals still has its charm and can still be used to drive brand awareness.

But to be able to keep up with changing needs of target audience and design fads, business owners should ensure that their brochures are up-to-date in terms of design and content. Here some brochure design ideas that you might want to consider:

  1. Simple is still in

Some business owners try to go overboard with their designs thinking that it will pique the attention and curiosity of their intended audience. But you also need to take into account what kind of industry that you are in. For industries like financial institutions and need to be perceived as a trustworthy entity, it would be best to go for simple and classy brochure designs. Sophisticated brochure designs are timeless and you can never go wrong with it.

  1. Use of technology

For in-store brochures, you might want to incorporate some interactive play on it. Some business owners who present their brochures to clients on site, they use interactive mobile gadgets to showcase their offerings. This kind of brochure is highly customized and a little bit costly, but it will definitely get the attention of your target audience.

  1. Different use of materials

Some business owners try to veer from the usual print and use different brochure materials to make their brochures stand out from other brochures. Experts in brochure printing in Dubai try incorporate non-paper materials to brochures like leather, cloth, and different types of fabric to make it more interesting and sometimes, brand-centric.

  1. Artsy but classy

Creating an artsy design would depend on the brand. Some industries call for more creative marketing collaterals to introduce their brand and products to their target audience. More often than not, artsy brochures can be seen on fashion industries, arts and crafts, and media outlets. But being artsy doesn’t mean that it lacks sophistication. A certain level of class is required on brochure designs to make it more business-like.

  1. Easy to carry

The purpose of giving out brochures is to introduce the brand to the people and give them awareness about the service. Hence, they should be convenient to carry and store. Brochures that are too big should be for in-store use only.

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