30 Apr

7 Home Interior Design Ideas To Make Your Home Cozy

As the old adage says, “Home is where the heart is.” Figuratively speaking, it is a place, a person, or a state of mind where you can be happy and at peace. Home interior designers in Dubai would definitely agree that a cozy home is a very inviting one to stay in.

The good news is you can make your home a happy place too by adding an ounce of coziness.  Just follow these steps and you home will turn into an inviting haven that everyone would love to visit.



  1. Play on the ambiance

The ambiance sets the overall tone of the design. To get the ambiance that you like, you have to know how to achieve the look and identify the right adjectives would be the first step. When we speak of cozy, the top words that come to mind are warm, soft, comfort. From these words, you can create a drawing board of what colors to choose as well the furniture that you will put on it. You can click here to get more ideas about the ambiance.



  1. Make your sofa an inviting one

The sofa is the focal point of your living room so it is a must that you get the right one. For the cozy feel, the sofa that you should choose should be inviting enough to sit on. Choose something fluffy and soft but be sure the colors are in line with your design.


  1. Mix and match patterns

Contrary to the popular belief that cozy living space can be boring, you can spice it up by mixing and matching patterns. But do not overdo it as it might ruin the overall look of your home.


  1. Be bold with colors

Warm colors would definitely bring some coziness in your beautiful abode. Try to use some terra-cotta colors on your wall to add warmth inside the space. Cooler colors like white and gray can make the room feel a little colder and distant.


  1. Put accents that makes your happy

Add some joy and nostalgia in your room by putting pieces that would remind you of happy days. Try putting some memorabilia and family photos that would serve as an accent. But do not go overboard on this. Choose a few pieces that would match the design


  1. Bring in some greens

Plants and flowers can always put people into good mood. Bring on good vibes by adding plants and flower arrangements on specific and strategic places in your living space. The greens can make the space a little cooler and it can bring a sense if freshness to a space.


  1. Add cosiness through scents

Of course, a warm and cozy home will not be complete without a scent that you relax your mind. Invest on a scented candles and oil diffuser. It would your space look and smell like home.