31 Mar

Reasons why you should form a company in UAE

There are seven independent regions within the UAE, all of which are combined known as the Emirates. If anything, each emirate happens to offer its very own uniqueness and benefits for establishing a business there. With that, here’s a look into a few reasons why you should consider setting up your business in the UAE:

It is a global trade hub

UAE is known for practicing free trade with every single one of its trading partners. The fact of the matter is that the country offers plenty of free zones and working in one of these will help you reap benefits like duty and tax exemptions. Private sector companies can particularly gain benefit from the UAE’s open border foreign labor policy. What this means is that after your new company formation in dubai, you can easily recruit expat employees.

Reduced duties on import

The best part about establishing your business in the UAE is that a majority of goods imported here can be done so on reduced duties. On top of that, any goods that you import into the free trade zones are completely exempted from import duties.

Strategic location

The UAE offers the best trading conditions owing to its strategic location. Countless countries around the world use it to reach other parts of the world and remain in regular business relations with it. A few of these are Latin America, India, China and almost all western countries.
Double taxation is non-existent

The UAE has actually stepped up and entered into a Double Taxation Agreement with several countries across the world to avoid having to implement double taxation on foreign companies. This is something you can easily verify from any reputable auditing company in DIFC
out there.

Strong economy

The UAE is known to have developed a rather strong economy over the past couple of years. Because of this strengthening economy, it offers a rather favourable and transparent business climate to foreign investors. Most of all, it boasts of a stable political climate as well, which means that businesses investing here can be assured of a progressive and dynamic environment.
With so many benefits to reap, it is highly recommended for foreign investors to consider establishing their business in the UAE. With a stable environment and guaranteed growth along with tax exemptions, setting up your business in one of the free trade zones offered in the UAE is perhaps the best business decisions you will make.