18 Jul

5 Hacks To Look Good On Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is one of the most important day of your life. It is the day when couple exchange their vows and swear to share a life forever. Given the importance of this occasion, you need to ensure that you good on the day of the wedding and also on the photos.

Experts in wedding photography in Abu Dhabi provided a list of tips that can help couples look at their best during their wedding day. Here are some pointers that you need to keep in mind:

  • Practice your smile

Some people think that smiling on the camera is easy. Sure, if you are born photogenic. But for the rest of us who don’t have that ability. It would be best if you can practice your look and smile before your big day. Look in the mirror and try to smile in front of it. You can start by recreating your smile and see what adjustments you can make with your grin.

  • Do a makeup test

One of the most common wedding blunders most couples do is not doing a makeup test. The reason why you need to do this is because you need to check what kind of look would suit you for your big day. You need to take into account the time of the celebration, your hairstyle, and the dress that you will be wearing.

  • Provide instruction to your photographers

At least two weeks before your scheduled event, talk to your wedding photographer and discuss how you want to be photographed. But you also need to listen to what your photographer has to say. He/she may have some ideas that can make you look stunning on your wedding day.

  • Skip the tan

If you plan to go for an artificial tan before your big day, it would be best to skip it until your big day is over. Getting a tan might affect your complexion and would make you look different from your makeup test. Your natural complexion should shine beneath the makeup and the dress.

  • Enjoy the moment

Staging a wedding can be stressful. But try not think about if the guest is having a good time. Enjoy the moment with your partner. When you do, your radiance will reflect on the photos. Just take in the moment and let loose for a bit. Candid shots are always the best.

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