17 Dec

Aluminum Composite Panels and Their Advantages

The aluminum composite panels or ACPs are manufactured by securing two aluminum sheets to a non-aluminum core. These are designed and engineered to offer more durability and strength to the modern day structures and buildings, especially in the mega cities like Dubai. The rising need of claddings in Dubai and surrounding states has given the aluminum cladding companies in UAE a great chance to roll out the latest products into the local market.

The ACPs give your structures a contemporary and organized look and they don’t come at an expensive price at all.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using ACPs in your houses, offices, and other structures.


  • Metal and Plastic offer Durability

The aluminum composite panels are made up of metal and plastic which not only make them stain resistant but also give them the shield against the ever-changing temperatures in the region. This durability factor comes in handy especially in regions like the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, the durability quotient comes with an eye-catching exterior to your structures, which further adds utility to the whole concept. The ACPs are a solid barrier, which save the consumers from the outside air and noise pollution. The durability quotient is further augmented by the fact that these panels retain their shape and size, no matter what sort of weather they come across.


  • Economically Viable Option

The aluminum composite panels are among the cheapest materials of the lot available in the local market. They come at a very low initial cost for longer period of durability. In such low price, the consumers get top-quality thermal comfort, thereby offering extra savings on your energy and gas expenses.


  • Fireproof Safety

The best part of the whole aluminum composite panel concept is its resistance to fire. As we all know this as a universal fact that aluminum doesn’t burn at all. This feature lets the consumers to enjoy a fireproof option. At the worst, the aluminum only melts when exposed to temperatures beyond 650 degrees Celsius. Moreover, these panels don’t even let loose the dangerous gases and fumes which are detrimental to human existence in an event of house on fire.


  • Easy Maintenance

The aluminum composite panels are easy and cheap to maintain. They keep their original look and state for a longer period of time. They are so easy to clean that one can simply wipe them with a clean cloth and they are good as new. To know more on the subject, check this link right here now.