21 Dec

Driving During Winter: Tips On Preparing Your Car

The holiday season can be unforgiving for vehicles. The sudden drop in temperature can damage your ride, without you knowing it. Without proper maintenance and preparation, you might be heading for some car trouble in the middle of your trip.

To prevent any car issues during, here are some pointers on prepping your vehicle for the cold season:

  • Keep tabs on your car fluids


As winter approaches, your car fluids can either freeze or dry up. When these fluids fall beyond the acceptable level, it can affect the performance of your vehicle and damage the engine. Make it a habit to check your car fluids and replace them if necessary. And not just the engine fluids. You also need to check if your washer fluid is at its appropriate level. Washer fluid is needed to keep your wiper functioning efficiently.


  • Go for winter tyres


During the winter season, your vehicle needs to have more grip and traction on the road. The normal stopping distance on dry road is 60-100 feet. But on icy road, you would be needing 10x of that. This is why the right tyres matter. Before the cold season starts, be sure to check the thread of your car and properly inflate them. It would be best if you can change your usual tyres to winter tyres. There are Dunlop tyres in Sharjah that are made especially with superior grip and road traction.

  • Do not forget to bring a spare


Every car owner should have a spare tyre on his/her vehicle whenever he/she is driving or going for a trip. It doesn’t mean that if you replaced your tyre, you will be spared from tyre blow up incidents. Be sure you have at least one spare inside your vehicle. There are tyres from Hankook in Abu Dhabi that are ideal for use and as a spare.

  • Clean the vehicle


It is a cardinal rule for every car owner to clean his/her vehicle. And not just on the exterior, but the interior as well. Regular car cleaning will prolong the life of your vehicle and lessen the maintenance caused by dirt and rust deterioration.


  • Do not forget your car care kit

Car experts encourage every car owner to invest in a car care kit that they can bring along with them on trips. A car care kit would include cleaning agents and some car maintenance tools that you can use for immediate repairs during emergencies.