21 Jun

Give proper attention to your eyes

The eyes are called the windows of the soul. We look at the beauties of this universe through our eyes. These are the most important and sensitive parts of our face, that is why we should give proper attention to our eyes. You will find a large number of women very conscious about their eyes and eye makeup. In some cases, women complain about physical issues having small eyes or very big eyes. In most cases, the culprit behind the problem is poor diet, lack of sleep, busy and hectic lifestyle and excessive use of TV, computer and mobile phone that affects our eyes silently. The overall skin condition of our face and ageing effects also damage our eyes and eye areas. No matter what the cause of the problem is, there are two items that you should have in your makeup kit to hide all the negative aspects of your eye area. In short, eye shadow palettes and eyeliner are the solution for all your problems.

The right eyeliner can provide you with your desired looks

Right pencil, gel or the best liquid eyeliner in dubai can make your eyes look gorgeous and beautiful in no time. People who have small eyes do understand the importance of eyeliner more than anyone else. If applied professionally it can create a beautiful illusion by providing your eyes with perfect shape and look. If you are not very good at makeup, it is highly recommended for you to opt for liquid eyeliners as they are way easy to use than pencil eyeliner.

Leave the rest on eye shadows

The eyeliner will help you get the perfect shape of your eyes, whereas eye shadows are responsible to hide all the negatives from your eye area such as fine lines, dark circles, discoloration and much more. For this reason you will find eyeshadow palette in dubai as a vital part of a professional makeup kit. Fact of the matter is that every woman applies makeup but applying makeup and applying it correctly are two different things. Always remember to apply a concealer on your eye areas properly before using eye shadows on them to provide a base for the upper layers of makeup. When you are working with eye shadows, it is highly recommended for you to start with the lighter color eye shadow and then apply the darker shade. Even if you are in a hurry, you should keep blending the shades till they get mixed properly for best results.