19 Jun

What You Need to Know About Dubai Visa Runs

Tourists and people on visit visa somehow find themselves in conflict when their visa is nearing its expiry date. More often than not, a lot of visa extension service providers offer them solutions that would expedite their visa extensions, including visa runs or flights.


However, there are people who are quite hesitant to pick this option since it is uncommon for some or tourists are not that knowledgeable enough how this process goes. If you are a tourist who are new to this kind of visa extension, here are some of the answers to most common questions about visa runs and visa flights.


  1. Is it legal?


Yes, visa runs are completely legal and legit. What visa run providers do is to process visa on border stops to allow visa holder re-entry on their original location.  But is it not advisable for visit visa holders to do it on a regular basis. Although there are countries who allow multiple visa runs, it would be best to process them upon allowing re-entry, especially if you plan to stay a little longer after your visa run process.


  1. How long does the process takes?


The trip can last up to 5 – 6 hours depending on the destination. On every border stop, visa holders would need to process their re-entry. Give and take, it might take a half day so be prepared for the trip and take note of the duration.


  1. What are the destinations?


Dubai visa run service providers offer a number of destinations for their clients, one of the most famous is the Hatta run. But there are also trips to Oman and other neighbouring locations you can choose from. Some tourists take this opportunity to visit other places even for a short period so they can do some short sight-seeing.


  1. How much does it cost?


On the average, the visa run can cost up to 700 AED, give or take. The fee would be used for paying the trip, payment of Dubai Exit Stamp (35 AED) and visit visa processing. It would also depend on the departure location. For Dubai to Oman visa run, processing the Oman Visit Visa can cost up to 200 AED.  If you have to take a flight then it might cost more.


  1. What are the papers that I need to bring?

The important papers and documents that you need to bring are your passports (valid up 6 months or more), valid IDs, and other travel documents that you have. For those who have cancelled employment visa, you need to have your visa cancellation papers with you.