30 Apr

4 Additional Car Features You Need to Have

When you’re a car owner, it’s inevitable that you’ll invest in some mods to truly make your car your own. It could be custom low-set wheels, a full aero body kit, or a lower suspension system. It’s all well and good, but don’t forget to also boost the security features of your car. If you’re going to do so, here are four car security features you should consider installing:


  • Alarms
    Modified cars and high-end brands are certain to get attention. If you want to prevent your car from being the target of car theft, make sure it is equipped with an effective alarm system. Whether you prefer a passive or active car alarm, the important thing is you have a reliable technology that will alert you to the presence of people near your car.


  • Fire Extinguisher
    To prevent fire from razing your car, it’s important to have a handy fire extinguisher in your vehicle. This inexpensive object can mean your safety and of your loved ones. In the future, maybe  armoured brakes typically used for armoured vehicles and mass transit will be more available and applicable for private cars.If you want to know more about the common types of fire suppression systems for cars available today, you may click here for examples.


  • Steering Wheel Lock / Wheel clamp
    Physical steering wheel locks or gear stick locks can prevent individuals from bypassing your smart electronic mobiliser. These can provide your car with another level of protection, at a very affordable cost! Though it is not a fool-proof protection, it can make things a hundred times harder for potential car thieves.Another security feature you can fit your car with is a wheel clamp. Similar to a steering lock, it is fitted to your wheels to prevent them from moving. These are also quite affordable and easy to attach, so they’re definitely worth the cost for the added layer of security you’ll enjoy.


Satellite Tracker
This technology may be a bit costly, but it will definitely help you track the movements of your car, if ever it gets stolen. It is a post-theft recovery system that harnesses the power of GPS technology. It does not just monitor the whereabouts of your car, but it can also immobilise the vehicle through some remote-controlled functions. To successfully thwart car thieves, you may even put a sticker on your vehicle saying it is equipped with a satellite tracker.