27 Mar

Photography 101: How to Be a Better Photographer

With photo sharing sites and social media platforms like flickr, 500px, and Instagram (especially instagram) on the rise, photography is more popular than ever. Add to that the fact that anybody can shoot because everybody has a camera phone and what you have is 7 billion “photographers” on the planet.

Despite that fact, however, not everybody is a photographer in the artistic sense of the word – or for that matter, in the professional sense. After all, not everybody can just pick up a camera, take a few pictures, call themselves a photographer and get paid to do it. It takes a lot of time and work and even a significant monetary investment to get to the professional level.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop you from trying it out. Here are some tips to make you a better photographer.

Get out there and shoot

First of all, get out off your ass and go shoot. That’s the very first step. If you’re staying at home binging on Netflix or watching YouTube videos about how to be a better photographer rather than actually taking pictures, then you’ll never learn. You’ll never get better. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just go out and shoot your heart out.

Keep at it

Practice makes perfect. That’s true even with photography. The professional photographers who do editorial work or even pregnancy photoshoots in Dubai didn’t get to where they are without practice. They took their time to learn and to practice. They kept at it even when they felt lazy to shoot.

Don’t make a fuss about your gear

A lot of upstart photographers are too preoccupied with worrying about their gear. They’re discontented because they don’t have the latest and most advanced cameras, or the best lenses, that they lose sight of what’s really important: taking photographs with the gear they do. Remember that your gear is just secondary. If you don’t develop your eye for details and your skills in composition, you could have the best camera out there and still take a crappy photo.

Consume images on a regular basis

Find inspiration from the work of other artists and photographers. Consume their art on a regular basis and study how they take photographs. Read up on theory and hone your practical skills. Always keep an eye out for good photos and visuals. From what you consume and what you learn, you will slowly be able to develop a style of your own and find your photographic identity.


With these things in mind, you can work your way to becoming a better photographer. Again, the journey to perfection is tedious; it takes time and effort. But, with enough determination, you’ll get to where you want to be before you know it. For more detail visit zoominphotography.com