08 Oct

Know More About Solid Surface And Corian

If you love to catch up with style and trend, you will always go after what is trendy and being widely followed. There is no denying the fact that trendy is everywhere these days. You will find trend in apparels, sportswear, swimwear, footwear and even table and countertops. Off course, smartphones define trend from the word go so needless to mention them. Coming back to trends, a quality countertop surface will provide your home very trendy and sought after piece. Make no mistake about it – it will be liked and loved by those who see it, and desired by those who want to have it.

All in all, your shiny spanking solid surface kitchen counters and tabletops will turn many heads, provided you hired a quality solid surface provider to make and install it. Here is more about what makes them so special and why they’ve become so trendy over a short period of time:

Enter The Corian

Some may argue but the fact is that it was DuPont, the famous American company that pioneered the idea of solid surface countertops. The surface was carved using a new material that was showed characteristics that led to the concept of solid tops. Corian was not only solid; it was also nonporous which means it was waterproof and didn’t allow water to pass through. Being water resistant was not the only stand out feature of Corian, it had other qualities too.

For instance, it could withstand a decent amount of load and still be able to stay in shape. The durability was such that the material was proven almost as sturdy as quartz. However, the Corian initially had some issues with deep stains which would leave marks in some cases. However, DuPont took note and improved the material to the extent that later it could withstand stains in a much better way. The new version was more durable and count remove stains without much efforts.

Other solid countertop surfaces are also equally well suited for the purpose. Since they are designed to withstand rugged use and pass durability tests with ease, you cannot go wrong in your decision to get a solid countertop surface for your needs.

Lastly, these materials are often more affordable compared to other fragile materials. You don’t end up paying as much for materials this long lasting and durable as you do for carbon fiber or glass at times.

Now that you know a lot about hard countertop surfaces, start seeking a Corian company in Dubai.