25 Apr

General Places You Can Use Your HMO

Many companies provide health insurance as a benefit to their employees, aside from the standard leaves and government mandated benefits. Yet, more than a few employees aren’t able to make the most of this benefit simply because they lack information.

What a waste! If you’re company provides you with a health insurance benefit, then it’s best that you make use of it as often as needed. Aside from the fact that your company pays a premium for it, you can also save a lot of money on medical expenses simply by presenting your health card. While different HMO providers have their own conditions and specific accredited clinics, here are places that you can use your HMO.

Emergency Rooms and Hospitals

If you are, God forbid, in an accident, you can use your health card in the emergency room. Your insurance will most likely cover the expenses of your treatment. This includes a private room if you are confined in the hospital. Some HMO providers will even cover for prescribed medication.

Medical Clinics

When you’re feeling ill and you’re too far from a hospital, you can head to the nearest clinic in Sharjah to consult with a doctor and get diagnosed. Aside from the standard consultation fee, your health insurance will probably cover any test or procedure your doctor demands. It could be a simple ultrasound or urine analysis, or it could be something more complex like an MRI or CAT Scan. These usually cost much, so your HMO card will definitely come in handy.

Dental Clinics

While the coverage at dental clinics may be more limited compared with the coverage provided at a hospital or medical clinic, it’s still better than nothing. Usually, your HMO will cover a specific number of tooth extractions, prophylaxis, and even a number of pastas. Cosmetic treatments like whitening, however, may not be included in the coverage. To be sure, contact your HMO provider.

These days, health is truly wealth. That’s because staying healthy often times equates to spending a lot of money. That could mean investing in your health by subscribing to a gym membership, or even getting the services of a licensed nutritionist to help you with your diet.

Just having health insurance should give you peace of mind, as you won’t have to worry about the costs of treatment from the best clinics in Abu Hail. So, make sure you make the most out of that piece of plastic.