27 Apr

“Try Sand Skiing” and Other Tips on Your Dubai Desert Safari Trip

Your Dubai trip experience is definitely not complete if you miss its very own Desert Safari. When we talk about Safari trips, the first thing that we would think of is the African Safari; they won’t call it the king of all Safaris for nothing. But today, the Dubai’s Desert Safari is also making some noise; thanks to the marketing efforts of the Dubai Tourism Board. The Desert Safari in Dubai lets everyone experience the so-called sand dune bashing; it is an adventure ride into a 4×4 vehicle with a professional driver while exploring miles and miles of sand and everything on it like camels and other desert animals. The trip itself might get quite bumpy so you need to be prepared. Aside from sand dune bashing, there are many other activities like sand skiing and camel rides.

Below are some tips you may need:

  • Avoid wearing fancy clothes and fine jewelleries during Desert Safari trip in Dubai as you will surely be covered in sand from head to toe. It is advisable that you wear thin clothes that will not restrict your movement and sandals to facilitate the free flow of sand. Also, you need shades and a cap/hat to protect your eyes and hair from the heat and sand.
  • It is truly a unique experience camping under the stars in the middle of nowhere so if you have the time, we advise you to bring your basic toiletries and stay for the night at the desert camp. Don’t worry because they have toilets, sleeping bags, and blankets for you.
  • Make sure that your camera is fully charged because there is no electricity at the camp site. You wouldn’t want to miss the fantastic photo opportunities at Dubai’s Desert Safari.
  • The trip is very tiring. For that reason, most tour operators are offering a buffet barbecue dinner. This buffet dinner usually comes with unlimited drinks—water, tea, soft drinks, and coffee. Don’t forget to try their famous Arabic coffee!
  • There is no need to worry if you are a vegetarian because veggie meals are also available. The management is always making sure that there is food available for everyone.
  • For those who enjoy the night life, there is a bar where you can buy alcoholic beverages. Since you are in Dubai, expect the bar to play Arab music and have belly dancers for entertainment. If you want to experience the Desert Safari bar, do not visit during the Ramadan season.

Our last tip for you is that you should search for special offers to make your trip more budget-friendly. Go to our website today and learn more about our special offers!