06 Apr

Top 7 Gadgets and Accessories for Your Mobile Phone

Smartphones is one of the hottest commodities these days. From a mere device used for communication, its function has evolved and branched out into different use like accessing the Internet and social media accounts, getting your tasks organized, and also used for recording and storing your best memories.


But having a smartphone is not enough. To elevate its use, you need to have these five accessories and make the most out of your smartphone.


  1. Bluetooth Speakers


Smartphone are one of the main sources of entertainment nowadays. A lot of people are using their smartphones to watch their favourite movies and series. If you are a smartphone user who are fond of watching on your phone, it would be best to have a Bluetooth speaker with you.  There are a lot of bluetooth speakers Dubai online store sellers offer. You just need to pick the one the best suits your phone.


  1. Attachable Camera


If you think your phone camera is not enough, you can upgrade it with an attachable camera to sharpen your photos. This accessory comes in different brands and size and cost at around $200 to $400 dollars. Go to concept stores and other online gadget store to see the different brands. Be sure to check the specs before purchasing one.


  1. Instant Printers


If you are the type that likes to keep a hard copy of your best memories, then having an instant printer can be handy. Instant printers can be connected through a cord or wireless connection. You can instantly print your photos right after you take a shot. This can also be an ideal gift for those who love printing photos.


  1. Camera Sticks


People love to take photos of themselves, whether they are at home or on a trip. But most often than not, they could not ask someone to take photos of them. Well, the camera stick was able to solve this problem. Solo travellers and selfie-lovers can now take their photos by themselves. No need to pull and disturb a stranger to take their photos. Camera and phone sticks come with different features, like Bluetooth and WiFi-ready functions.


  1. Power Banks


Batteries are essential to keep your phone alive, especially during emergencies. Having a trusted power bank to keep your smartphone’s battery supply can be handy. Power banks also comes in different designs and capacity (amount of electrical energy it can store) and input and output rating.  Make sure to check these specs and features before buying a power bank.

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